The London Marathon

The London Marathon

The Ballot entries for next year’s Virgin Money London marathon are now open. The ballot will close on Friday 8th May and the results will be announced in early October 2016. Good luck to all those applying.

There were 34 Guinness World records smashed at the 2015 Marathon:

The fastest crustacean went to Giles Lock who finished in 3.34.23.

The fastest superhero was Paul Martletti who dressed as Spider-man and came in at a time of 2.30.12 breaking the previous record of 2.33.

Other records included:


  • Fasted three- legged (female) -Debbie Leeland and Paula Marshall in 4.45.21
  • Fastest Leprechaun – Adam Jones 2.59.30
  • Fastest fruit (strawberry) – Elizabeth King 4.13.24
  • Fastest in a sleeping bag – 4.20.21
  • Fastest in a bomb disposal suit- Iain Church 6.28.06

For those of you slowly recovering from your own attempts at the marathon, the medal will still be gleaming and the muscles may still be aching. Training will slowly be filtering back into your exercise regime. It can take a few weeks for the body to recover from running 26.2 miles and it is important to let the body recover before taking part in any long hard runs.

Massage can help any muscle soreness as can stretching. Swimming and light activities such as walking and gentle cycling are a good place to start for the novice runner. More elite runners may already have returned to gentle running.

It is difficult to tell what is muscle soreness and what is injury post the race. As a general rule by two weeks most muscle aches should be considerably better. If not, and you are unsure, contact us on 01483 766668.