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Read what our patients say about us!

  Dear Alison,   thank you so much for your care and expertise over recent years. I cannot praise your services highly enough and have already directed neighbours and friends your way. Thanks too to Penny – her thoughtful attention in crisis times was a lifesaver. I will miss you! With all good wishes, SS

  Bliss, been to physio at HillviewPhysio. Cranio-Sacral therapy does wonders for my spine problems. Good night’s sleep ahead. PM

  I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help leading up to the Marathon! My legs couldn’t have done it without you! HL

  Dear Christina and all the team,   A VERY belated but sincere thanks for all your expertise, interest and care during a bad time with my back. You helped tremendously but after an MRI which you suggested and consultation with Mr Chatakondu I am going in today for a Decompression and Discectomy. May well see you again but in the meantime would recommend you all to everyone. Thank you so much.     T x

  Big thumbs up to Alison at Hillview Physiotherapy. Day 4 on the slopes and all is good only 5 weeks after arthroscopic surgery and a load of hard work… I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it. AH

  Thanks to Andrea for KTape of my tennis elbow! Really helped during my training tonight JW

  If you live in the Woking area and ever need the services of a good physio I recommend you see Hillview-Physio, they are the best. Nice People PM

  Just wanted to say a massive thank you for looking after Mark, Max & me and continuing to look after Dad. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you, talking to you and being treated by you. Take care of each other and best wishes for the future. CM

  He is under the excellent hands of Alison Grose at Hillview Physio.  DH, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

  Physiotherapy with Alison Grose who is excellent at Hillview Physio Consultant Knee Surgeon

  I could cry, you are all so kind and lovely at Hillview Physio! SB

  There is no more really to offer her but I know her excellent physio team at Hillview will keep an eye on her.  DH, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon

  Andrea did another fantastic job repairing me on Saturday. BA

  The staff at Hillview always seem as if they really care. This makes all the difference. SR

  Many Thanks to Andy and Team. They are doing wonderful/great job. Please keep up the good Work. BW

  Thanks to Penny at Hillview who has been treating me, she has also been extremely caring and gone the extra mile for me! JI

  Great friendly team of people that always try to help as much as possible. PQ

  The service and care has always been first class. DA

  Pain has settled very well under the excellent care of Christina Smith at Hillview Physiotherapy. Dr JK, Consultant in Pain Management

  Just a brief email to thank you for sorting out my Achilles problem and getting me from a point where I was only able to walk to a point where I could run a marathon. 0 to 26 miles in 4 weeks!” CB

  Thank you very much for your assistance over the last couple of months. I’m actually managing to get through work pain free! I will make sure I keep up the exercises! CJ

  I just want to say a huge “thank you” for all your help and support following my neck surgery. Your advice was spot on and six-months post-op, I do feel like a new woman! RB

  To the Gold Medalist Physios …… thank you so much for your help and encouragement on the way to my new hip LP

  Cranio Sacral therapy worked on my back and my head, thanks Alison, you do a very special job PF

  Thank you for the treatment I received recently from Hillview in respect of my knee problems which had badly impacted my running. The combination of a suitable regime of exercises and very helpful encouragement and motivation has allowed me to get back to running, which I had feared I would never do again. Thank you, I would certainly never have managed to do this without you!  N.LF

  Hillview Physiotherapy are very good, they have been around for years and have a good reputation for hands on therapies which is sometimes hard to find. KT

  Thanks for your 100% correct diagnosis a couple of months ago. It was my right hip and has now been replaced with a shiny new one! KG

  I wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all your help and your support following my neck surgery. Your advice was spot on & six months post-op, I do feel like a new woman! AD

  I feel I have benefited a great deal from these sessions with Jackie, who has been very helpful & caring. I am so pleased and grateful to you. RG

  You were so kind & professional. Each session saw more improvement and I was able to come off all pain relief which I had been on for 5- 6 months. I can’t thank you enough. JS

  After two sessions my ankle has been both diagnosed and is feeling much better. Ongoing exercises to complete at home but more importantly sessions are allowing me to continue training. Thanks Dan. LM

  Back from @HillviewPhysio feeling much looser of limb but nursing a tennis elbow #NowIKnowWhatThePainInMyRightArmIs PM

  #acupuncture @HillviewPhysio yesterday for sinus pain, great that physios r not just for injuries. Lovely #relaxed feeling after too.  JW

  Good sleep after seeing Alison @HillviewPhysio last night massage, ultrasound, laser, tens, the works in fact. Back neck & knee feeling good. PM

  Can’t wait for my cranial sacral session @HillviewPhysio tomorrow #wellness #relax JW

  @HillviewPhysio Hi Alison and Christina, thanks very much for meeting me last week – you have a lovely clinic & a great vibe. KS

  Going to see my chums @HillviewPhysio tonight – boy my back needs some attention. They’ll soon sort it (and possibly me!!) out. CU later… PM