On-line Appointments Booking System


We have teamed up with zesty who are providing our on-line booking system for existing patients.

zesty’s video for more information

This is how it works

  • visit our pages on the zesty website or download their app
  • search for Hillview Physiotherapy Clinic
  • select an appointment slot you would like
  • when asked “have you visited this practice before?” select “yes”

We will then be notified of your request and will email a confirmation to you.

Yes, it’s that easy!

We will post a selection of appointments with Zesty but for the option of more appointment slots, we suggest you call us as normal   01483 766 668

Our Receptionists

The team of 5 receptionists at Hillview is always happy to help with any queries you may have.

Collectively, they have worked at the Clinic for over 40 years so are used to all kinds of questions covering finance, bookings, access or even as simple as what to wear for your treatment!

Hillview Physiotherapy Receptionists

Whilst providing administrative help to the Physiotherapists, the receptionists always aim to bring a smile into the Clinic. They are very knowledgeable about most things, especially sale & loan items, but if they do not have an answer for you they will always find out and report back.

Do give them a call, they all love to chat!